Breezy Days: A Baby Powder Rat's Nest


July 12, 2012

A Baby Powder Rat's Nest

Before running over to work, I stopped a Chick-fil-a for a much needed caffeinated DC.
{I'm such a connoisseur of DC that I can taste the difference between caffeinated and de-caf. 
So don't you dare and try to fool me with the de-caf crap when I need my buzz.}
The girl behind the counter asked: "What are you so dressed up for?"
I said: "Umm, work?"
"Where do you work at??"
She asked with such surprise.

Ok, I really didn't get that gussied up.
Sure, my hair is in a bun, I actually did my make-up, and I threw on a shiny necklace.
I used a new make-up palette which tells me exactly what powders to use and where to put them.
Easy peasy.
My hair was a freaking rats nest so I put baby powder in it, ratted the crap out of it, then pinned it up and hair sprayed it. 
It felt like a bird's nest, no lie.
And the necklace I stole from mi madre.
Classy huh?
Top: American Eagle//Skirt: Anthropologie//Flats: Gap//Necklace: stolen from mom

Well, I'm off on an adventure today friends.
I'm pondering on whether I should bike or drive to the post office.
I'll probably end up biking because I already look gross, and exercising is a good way of covering up the fact that I didn't want to really get dressed today anyways.

There you go, some daily wisdom from moi:
"Exercise to cover up the fact you already look like trash. Then people will not even notice your horrendous apparel and hair, but will admire you for being so active and healthy."
BAHAHA. If they only knew.

<3 Bri

P.S. I updated my buttons and added a Breezy Bee button on my "Sponsor" page :)


Jess said...

Hahaha I AM DYING because I always say the same thing ;)
Whenever I'm kinda junky looking I just put on workout clothes so people think I just got done at the gym.

Works like a charm ;)

I want your hair. Give me? Please!


Courtney said...

Your bun looks fantastic!

Totally love the idea of just wearing workout clothes when you wanna be a bum! I know I totally look at people in workout clothes at Target or wherever and envy them for being so fit but they're probably covering up the fact that they didn't wanna get ready!

Meredith said...

I also use the baby powder trick for my hair!! I think we are living the same life because I talked about my "rat nest" hair in my post today...however I did not label it as rat nest, but now I really wish I had. Cute outfit and cute bun :)

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