Breezy Days: Red, White, & Blue


July 5, 2012

Red, White, & Blue

Did everyone have a good fourth??
I for one, definitely did.
Parades, Pizza Pie, fireworks, Mario Tennis/Mario Party on the N64, and then we ended the night with some dancing along with a Winco trip.
 A very well spent holiday with family.

Soooo, I was one of the corny kids in high school who loved school spirit.
Which is funny, because anyone who knows Temescal Canyon High School, knows that we only have school spirit when we play our rivals, the Elsinore Tigers.
Only cause they are bratty...but that is beside the point.

Yes, I was the Student Council kid who dressed up for Halloween {not skankalicious though}, dressed up for nerd day...
and when we threw a surprise cowboy themed potluck in my AP Government glass; I was totes dressed up in my cowgirl boots, and I was allllll over college day like white on rice! :)
So when I saw this dress at Francesca's in the backstock, I was drooooling over it.
My mind was reeling...
Oh. My. Gosh. This will look so freaking cute for the fourth of July.
With my white sweater and my hair curled with red lipstick.
White tennies or my navy flower flats?
Hmmm...wait a minute.
45 bucks?!

But when I saw it on the sale rack for 19?
Ummm, YES.
That was a done deal as soon as I snagged that dress off the rack.
It will look SO cute with the firecracker earrings I just made!!!
Muhahaha, I love when things just work out like this.

And you are not alone....Ryan thinks I'm a dweeb too.
Dress: Francescas//Sweater: Loft//Tennies: Target//Earrings: DIY//Bracelets: DIY, F21, AE.

Although, I did inform him that our future daughter will definitely be wearing themed tutu's for every holiday until she is five years old.
Red & green for Christmas, red & pink for Valentines, and red & blue for the fourth... :)
You know, just giving him a heads up.

<3 Bri


sweetwahine said...

Happy 4th!!
You look super cute in your outfit!!

Thanks for stopping by and showing some love, Have a beautiful day!!!


Courtney said...

Love your 4th of July outfit!

And my girl will totally wear themed tutus too! I am looking forward to dressing up my kids entirely too much haha