Breezy Days: The Mannequin Girls


July 14, 2012

The Mannequin Girls

As many of you know, this is my first retail job...ever.
{At Francesca's Collections!}
When asked what I wanted to learn most about, I practically leaped and yelled and twitched with excitement when I said:
"Dressing the mannequins!!"

The picture above? 
My first display window.
Totes presh :)

I asked lots and lots of questions about what creative process is normal in dressing mannequins.
I just love getting outfits and accessories together, but sometimes I would get a creative block.
You know?
One of the best pointers I heard was...
All the mannequins should be dressed like they are going to the same place.

So the girls above?
They are from New York, and they haven't seen each other in a while....
 so they planned a girls' night out on the town to a pretty ritzy restaurant and happened to run into the Gossip Girl cast and danced all night long.

So now, I make up 'lil stories to go with each set of mannequins.
Some of the girls in the store even name the mannequins and give them personalities.
Ya, I haven't gotten to that point yet! haha
These girls are bff's from Texas, and they are heading to a friend's wedding in the country.
A mix of vintage, class, and country!
These are girls heading out for lunch at Zupas while it's raining outside, to catch up on all the latest gossip over some delicious paninis and salad.

Obviously I get a kick out of this :)
This is the start of my jewelry organization, so I can see exactly what I have.
So hopefully, when I go shopping I stop getting stuff that looks like something I already have.
You do that too?
Ok good, I'm not the only one :)

Any of you have some stories for the mannequin girls?

<3 Bri


Kylee said...

That's way cool that you get to pick what the mannequins wear! I work at Victoria's Secret and we're just told. And it's pretty awkward putting underwear on someone else haha!

Yvette | Classic Glam Blog said...

Those outfits are so chic! & I lovelovelove Francesca's! Happy Weekend xx

x said...

Ha! Those stories are so cute, as are the outfits -- definitely some stylin' gals ;)

Candice said...

That's so cool! That was definitely my favourite part of working in retail too :)

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

I love your mannequins! I didnt realize that you worked at Francesca's (THATS MY FAV STORE!)

I also love your jewelry display, super cute set up!


Bree said...

I totes wanna go to franchescas and buy ALL of those outfits now!!! Do you get a good discount? Cuz maybe I need to get a job there. Bahaha!

Unknown said...

so so fun and cute!!
also great styling! might have to take a bit of your advice!

Catherine Fishback said...

What a FUN job! They look great and I love the stories.

Cute blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)
FEST (food, style & travel)

Bev said...

grrrreat job girlie!!! love the statement necklaces!! And your colorful necklace corner is the cutest ever!! The Coca Cola box totes does the vintage trick ;)

Unknown said...

you are absolutely adorable. with impeccable style!

jessica said...

I love your jewelry organization! I really love a lot of the pieces, and the display is so cute. Coke bottles. So clever. :)

Darren Demers said...

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