Breezy Days: Crafting Queen


July 1, 2012

Crafting Queen

I saw this on Pinterest roughly 2-3 months ago and was thrilled when my mom handed over a hand-me-down lamp with a heinous old lady rose lampshade.
I can totally use a butt-load of burlap & hot glue to transform this sucker!!
Well, then we decided to pack up and move which definitely put the kabosh on crafting for a while.
Which is my excuse for just now finishing the dang thing.

Ryan is still shocked/weirded out/pleasantly surprised whenever I whip up a new DIY project.
He didn't know until after we were married that I was a self-proclaimed crafting queen.
{A hobby that my mom & I share. Mostly cause she is the crafting queen and I just copy her.}
He still asks me why I never mentioned this hobby to him when we were dating. 

Ummm ya, cause that wouldn't be weird or completely out of the blue while we were dating:
"Soo...I really like crafts. And burlap and hot glue and jewelry making and cross stitch and what not."
Who the crap brings that up on a first, second, or third date??
Also, when rooming with 4 other girls and having to share a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and's a little difficult to justify taking over the whole kitchen table so I can craft up a storm.
I finished up this beaut along with decor for my sis-in-law's bridal shower, meaning that I took over the kitchen table for about a week with my craft storm & completed my projects while watching Drop Dead Diva and SYTYCD.
Ok, who else is excited about the ballroom girls from Utah on the show!? :D
Maybe I'm just a ballroom fanatic, but they are too hawt and talented for their own good!
Can't wait to see how far they get in the competition, anyone else have their favorites yet?
{Btw, I think Alexa is an amazing dancer, but I totally agree with the judges when they say it looks like she has no emotion when she dances. It's obnoxious!}

<3 Bri

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Samantha said...

This is so neat! Love how yours turned out!

Unknown said...

Awww! That is so sweet and adorable. :) Look at you Miss Craft Thang! :D haha

Courtney said...

The ballroom girls from Utah are amazing!!!! I also like the ballerina, that trio was awesome!

Sinead said...

That is so cute!! I wish I was a crafty genius, but no such luck!! I am hoping to learn to crochet soon though!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I admire your craftiness (of which I have none)!

And yes! I really like Lindsey from Utah. Those legs and her body lines! She is so good! And she is so sharp. Her execution is gorgeous. I do think it was a really cruel joke that they played on her, though, especially because she was with her friend and had to hold it together when they made her think she wasn't chosen for the show!

ivanaquaranta said...

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