Breezy Days: Kolie's Lingerie Shower


July 8, 2012

Kolie's Lingerie Shower

I'm sure you've heard me talk about my future sister-in-law Nikole, aka Kolie.
She is pretty much way awesome and I did my best to make her bridal shower special.
I know I know, the shower was two weeks ago and I'm just barely getting around to posting pictures.

Ready to be photo bombed with the homemade decorations, fondue food, fun people, and lingerie?
This is the cute nightie I got Nikole, very classy/sexy! :)

Hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday!
<3 Bri

P.S. I am throwing a Spanish themed bridal shower next week meaning more photo bombing via Instagram & bloggy posts.

P.S.S. Anyone who is a poor college student and is dying of heat in their apartment, invest in some blackout curtains that are 10 bucks a pop at Wal-Mart, seriously the bestest things EVER.

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