Breezy Days: do you have some questions?


July 2, 2012

do you have some questions?

You know what I've noticed as of late?
The posts that I have gotten the most feedback on have been my dating advice/ranting posts.
Which is funny because I'm pretty straightforward and sometimes painfully blunt when talking about the subject.

Probably because I grew up with two younger brothers? 
Or because some of my closest friends have been guys? 
Or maybe because I recognize that girls can be just as stupid as guys....
 in our own emotional & irrational way. 

I love writing about the dating world today because:
A. I'm a family studies major, and that's what I like to study
B. I did my fair share of dating & have experiences that I've turned into life lessons
C. I have two sweet & thoughtful brothers, an amazing dad, and one loving & caring husband...
 which proves that not all guys are stupid
{So next time you say "Guys are dumb" or "Boys are stupid" I might have to punch you.}

So I'm opening it up to all of you.
 Comment here or email me your dating/guy/marriage questions.
 As random as they may be, I'll try my best to answer them!

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What have you got to lose? :)
<3 Bri


Michelle said...

hhaa woah i am so not an expert on this topic :(
hmmm question...
i guess it's a personal did you know that ryan was "the one?"

oh and another (unrelated)
did i ever send you my button? i put yours up on my site but can't recall if i got you mine! let me know!

Cait Emma said...

ha - i always love your dating advice! xo thanks for sharing over all of these great posts

Janette said...

Hmmm... Is it a proven fact that once you get married all your single friends don't want to be your friends anymore????!! lol Sad but true.

Janette, the Jongleur

Anonymous said...

Oooh yes I have a question!! How do you tell if a guy is not interested in you, or if they are just lazy/nervous to ask you out?? Hmm.

Suzzie Vehrs said...

you are awesome. Its true that guys can be dumb, but its way to easy to blame everything on that. There are great ones out there and they are so worth finding!

Anonymous said...

How did you know, your boy was "the one"? How can I ever be sure?
Should I save my virginity for marriage? Did you? (You don't have to answer this one, if it's too personal)