Breezy Days: Clean Home, Clear Mind


July 11, 2012

Clean Home, Clear Mind

This is not what the front room always looks like, so I thought it would be smart to capture a few pictures before it got all "lived in and comfortable" again.

Don't you just love coming home to a clean & orderly house?
It just makes everything else that is stressful in my life, seem a little less like a big deal.
Because it's like:
"Hey, so we have a bazillion bills to pay....but at least the house is clean :D"
I'm currently on the look-out for another job because the one I have {although it is freaking awesome and I love it} isn't giving me the hours I need to make the moolah I need to!

So when I'm not applying, emailing, or interviewing for new jobs...I clean & organize.
Preferably with an uber girly show on.
Just finished Gossip Girl season 5 today and what the fluff, can Chuck and Blair be together already?!
And I used to like Serena, but now she bugs the living tar out of me.
Stop being all weird and breathy when you talk and backstabbing and...weird.
Above is a picture of our 2nd bedroom, AKA the office/bookcase/crafting area/closet.
Granted it's not the most decorated {I mean, who really has their bedroom and extra rooms decorated to the caliber of the rest of the house? If you do...bravo to you, I admire you.}, but I'm working on it!
The yellow furniture is the same my mom used when she was ten years old, and the same furniture I grew up with, and the furniture I plan on giving to my little girl one day.
We slapped some new knobs on it and BAM, vintage awesomeness.
This is Ryan's side {if you couldn't tell}, with his Bob picture, frog, desk, and stadium picture.
This is my side of the room, I'm so happy to get my crafting table all set up so I can work at it all the time! Waaahoooooo. 
And that pink egg chair is the BEST thing to sleep in ever.
And Audrey Hepburn is my idol, just sayin.
I guess I should be really embarrassed to say that this is only about a fifth of my closet.
But I'm not.
Hey now! I'm 5'3, have not grown since middle school and have been the same size for years.
So of course I've collected some clothes, but what girl hasn't. Let's be real here.

I'm currently working on the jewelry situ in our bedroom, I'll keep you all updated.
And if you have suggestions, I'm open to it :)

<3 Bri


Courtney said...

Dang girl, you've got a nice collection of clothes!! Your house looks so cute and cozy =)

Okay...I feel like a major creep saying this but I had a dream that we met in real life last night, lol!

Alana Christine said...

Your house is cute! I have three closets, so I don't judge you. haha. I have clothes from High School still! lol

Nikole said...

I love that stadium picture! Who gave it to Ryan??? ;) Your house looks so cute all the time! :) Do we get kitchen/dining room pictures soon? Everything is so gosh darn adorable and lovely

Eatlovemerry said...

Such sweet blog! :)

Bree said...

Your house is adorable!!! Love love!