Breezy Days: Harvest Your Fashion at Francesca's Blogger Party!


October 30, 2013

Harvest Your Fashion at Francesca's Blogger Party!

I had the opportunity to host another blogger event at the Orem, UT Francesca's {check out the Valentines Bash}, and it was a total blast! We were showing off the new Fall merchandise that we have in the store to our local bloggers, and of course that comes with food and games ;)

As an icebreaker we played a game called "Describe Me", where there was an index card pinned to everyone's backs. Most everyone was meeting each other for the first time, so when the bloggers when chat up someone new they would ask to write on their note card a comment or compliment! The goal was to get around to everyone at the party and write on everyone's note cards, it was such a fun and sweet way to get to know the other local bloggers.

After hopping in a circle and introducing ourselves, we were split up into 3 teams to compete in a styling competition. Each team was given a trend-specific rack of clothes and had to create a "quintessential fall look" with the trend they were given, and also dress up their model in less than 10 minutes!

Not only did each team have to put together a full look, including accessories, but the models walked in a catwalk competition while the other two teams scored the look! It was so fun to see the fall looks everyone put together with their specific trends, and the models were totally rockin' :) {If you were wondering, Team #2 won, woot woot!}

{A group photo with all our awesome UT bloggers!}

{Natalie, Alacia, Brittany, and Kim lookin' fabulous!}

{Eryka & Deidre being a couple of goofs ;)}

{The Bang's deciding on which stuffed animals from Francesca's to add to their amazing collection!}

{The Francesca's workers that helped make it all happen! They created the spooooky Insta-Photobooth for everyone to enjoy. Thanks Josee & Krislyn!}

Fran's Insta-Photobooth

{If you have any more pics from the Intsa-Photobooth that I can add here, use the hashtage #harvestatfrans}

It was such a fun night getting to know everyone, styling some fall looks, snacking on sugary treats, and shopping! Thanks to everyone who came & made the party such an awesome success :)

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Danielle V. said...

Oh, how fun! It looks like you all had a great time. :)


Natalie said...

thanks so much for the invite bri! it was a ton of fun, you are the best host!

Kelsey Bang said...

bree! you are the best! thanks so much for a fun party! I am cracking up at that pick you got of Jake and I! I had no idea you were taking a picture! I am still laughing so hard! I am so obsessed with stuffed animals! Your the best bree!

Unknown said...

i love the bang's!! They're so cute :)