Breezy Days: Music Theory Woes


October 7, 2013

Music Theory Woes

{Remixed: F21 jacket}

I'd been putting off studying for my Music Theory test for ohhh about a week or so, anticipating the scary multitude of sharps and flats that would inevitably make me go cross-eyed. If any of you have taken piano lessons, you know how obnoxious and brutal music theory is. It is probably the least favorite thing ever for every music student known to man. Amongst all my procrastination, moaning, and groaning it then dawned on me...not many people have this opportunity. Why was I complaining?

This opportunity to sing, learn technique & theory, and have lessons every week to help build up my musical talent really is a blessing. I shouldn't be dragging my feet about learning major and minor key signatures. I should be taking advantage of all this knowledge so I can one day put it to use when teaching voice lessons or teaching my future children how to read music.

I sucked it up and studied all the key signatures, melodic and harmonic scales, and so forth. Said a little prayer then walked into the test a little nervous. Once the test was handed to me I wrote down everything I had memorized while it was still swirling around in my head. Then I started to notice that this test was pretty easy...actually SUPER easy. I finished in a half hour! With all my studying and focus, I was able to completely throw myself into the subject matter which made the test seem easy. If you can't get out of it, get into it right?

This whole semester is jam-packed with music-related courses and I'm really going to focus on having a better attitude about the mountain of work that comes with it. Because when am I going to have another time in my life where I'm required to practice music?


Amberly said...

I didn't know you were a music major!!!! I HATE music theory, but then I have moment when I wish I had paid more attention during piano lessons or maybe not dropped the music theory class that I was going to take my senior year of high school :P

Bree said...

Gah music theory was what I hated most about learning the piano. lol. Way to go on your test girl!! <3