Breezy Days: Serendipity


October 16, 2013


Tomorrow I have an appointment to get all my angel kisses checked...and I mean ALL of them. My melanoma surgery was a little over 2 years ago, and since then I've visited the doctor every 6 months for her to look over my body for any other troubling spots. I jokinging-ly call it a "paid violation" because I'm willingly paying someone to check every dark and secret crevice on my body. SCARY. And it so does not even matter that I'm married, it's still dang weird. 

Since this doctors trip also means a harrowing trek up to Salt Lake, we're making an afternoon out of it by hitting up City Creek and our favorite Texas de Brazil for Ryan's early birthday dinner {heavens knows we need a break from school}. It was absolute serendipity because I've had this appointment planned for the past 6 months but we just found out that the classes Ryan & I have on tomorrow got cancelled and on top of it we got an awesome email coupon for Texas de Brazil. It was totally meant to be, and I love when that happens ;)

{Remixed: Dress // Boots}


Amberly said...

Hooray!!!! That sounds like a really serendipitous day!!! :)

Emma said...

I love this! i really like that hat, and LOVE that bag!

Tonight was SO fun! I'm so glad to get to know you a bit Bri! You're pretty rad.