Breezy Days: "Final"ly Done!


December 16, 2011

"Final"ly Done!

Holy moly I'm so glad that I'll actually get to enjoy the Christmas season!
Ryan, Evan, and I are taking a quick break before we start packing up and head out to Southern California tonight.

First though, I have a fuuuun story for ya.
All I had left for today was my last two religion class finals.

The plan was to take them today, in the testing center which closes at 10pm.
Come to find out the religion tests are in a different building. {The Wilk}
So Ryan and I trek back over to the Wilk building and see a sign on the door:
"Closed @ 4pm"
SAY WHAT?! IT'S 4:05!!!

We go racing in there to find out if we would still be able to take the tests.
 Come to find out we had been graced with the nicest testing center people ever, and they tell us we have an hour to take the tests.
I had TWO FINALS to take in an hour.

I wrote the crapiest final essays ever in 45 minutes, then ran over and grabbed my multiple choice test and finished that in 15 minutes.
I'm at that point that all college students get to where I could care less about school or anything anymore.

We left, and then I realized...
Holy macaroni. 
I feel numb now from all that stress, studying, and lack of sleep.
I don't have to go home and study!

So there's my lovely story. I really don't ever like cutting stuff like that so close
 Anywhoodle, now we are watching the British version of "The Office" and being procrastinators....
Which is what got me into the whole "taking 2 finals in an hour" mess.

Lesson Learned. 
Won't be doing that next semester!
This is our "we are so happy we are finally done with this crap" faces.

Now off to tidy up a bit, scarf some pizza, and pack for gorgeous California.

What's in store for the next couple weeks you may ask?
Crafts galore with mi madre
DISNEYLAND {I love Disneyland with all my heart. It doesn't matter if I'm 20.}
San Diego family reunion
Working in the dental office {mo money mo money mo money}
Putting together Christmas goodies to mail off for friends
Best friends birthday!! {Sam, love you!}
LA Fashion District visit
Shopping at Loft, Charlotte Russe, Fossil, and Anthro
Eating lots of delicious foods
Hunington Beach/The Pier

Can't wait to share with you all my hometown and all the fun Cali adventures.
Happy no more finals day and Merry almost Christmas!
<3 Bri


Jam, Rio, Bri, Rissa said...

I had to check out your blog because your name is Bri Rios and that is two of our names! Love the blog!

Unknown said...

Oh how funny!!! Those are some pretty awesome names I must say :)