Breezy Days: dear...


July 31, 2012


dear husby,
you are pretty much way too awesome for words.
yesterday you had a long day at work, made some sales {i'm so proud of you!}
you came home full of hugs and kisses just for me.
then you trotted outside to mow and edge the lawn while I pulled some pretty ridiculous weeds.
you are too cute and i appreciate you more than anything.

dear yellow brick house,
i switched around some of the mirrors and pictures, took down the week old bridal shower decor, cleaned you all up...and you suddenly feel like home.
my home.
i've still been getting used to you. 
just with the whirlwind of moving in, getting new jobs, and trying to figure out my school schedule, i've still been a little weirded out that you are my new refuge.
i just perused Target and have some pretty cute interior design work planned for you next week...

dear dishes,
you smell. i have a horrible gag reflex, meaning that Ryan already volunteered to take care of you when he gets home. i hate you dishes.

dear disneyland & newport beach,
can i see you guys next week?

dear benexa/benexa wedding,
so excited for the road trip down to Arizona tomorrow, with the awesome company, the delicious food, the "smile till your face hurts" wedding day, and for you guys to finally become a couple so we can hurry up and take that couples trip. woot woot!



Bekah said...

i loved reading this, youre so freaking cute

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I bet your house is so adorable. It's always rough getting used to a new place though. But hey, yellow bricks! So cute!

Courtney said...

Are you going to be at Disneyland next week??

Christi Lynn said...

aw so sweet! I am your newest follower! and i will be back! your blog is adorable.

Grace Wainwright said...

This is just the cutest! P.S. I wish I could see newport beach next week too!

A Southern Drawl

Teresa @ Delightfully Darling said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful husby! I love your happy posts :) They always make me smile!

xo Teresa

Danielle said...

You should do the Friday Letters link up! It's just like this post and draws some great traffic to your site! :)

I love your note to your husband. So cute!