Breezy Days: The Story of Us: I Love You Ryan Andrew Rios {Part 13}


July 18, 2012

The Story of Us: I Love You Ryan Andrew Rios {Part 13}

If you haven't already read up on how Ryan and I fell hopelessly in love... 
Check out the "Story of Us" tab above.
This is one of the best parts, so you better hurry up!!!

Fast forward a few days later, I'm in the midst of finals.
I'm taking a break from all the studying, and Ryan joins me in my procrastination {naturally}.
{I stole this shirt from Ryan both Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks}

We decided {ahem, I wanted} to watch the Christmas claymation movies in celebration of the season.
I choose Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, stuffed it into the DVD player, and hopped on over to cuddle with Ryan on the living room couch.
He is sitting up and has a pillow on his lap where I promptly plop my head, then cuddle into my leopard print blanket.
At this point I'm still wondering if he ever caught on to the fact that I accidentally professed my love to him during a phone order of hamburger and sweet potato fries.
I mean, he hasn't brought it up in a few days.
Maybe I actually got away with it!


R "Soooo...what did you say the other day on the phone?"

Let me interject here really quick and just point out that Ryan is not a "feelings" kind of guy.
Whenever anything slightly stressful or worrisome would happen in his life,
 I practically had to shake it out of him before he would tell me anything.
He is extremely careful in whom he places his love and trust.

But at the same token, it was so so so obvious that he was falling in love with me.
Our relationship from the beginning was very transparent, honest, straightforward, and just...easy.
There were no games.
So my response to his question?
Me, being the smooth cat I am, pick my head up off the pillow, turn around and say:

B "You know what Ryan Andrew Rios? I said I LOVE YOU. I don't even care if you don't say it back to me right now, because I already know that you are falling madly in love with me, and you are gonna tell me that you love me too sooner or later. K thanks."

Then I promptly plopped my head back on the pillow and continue on with my claymation viewing.
There was a big 'ole Cheshire cat smile plastered to my face.
Oh my goodness....I just said 'I love you' to Ryan.
In probably one of the most un-romantic ways possible.
Anddd that was it.
I'm the one who said it first.
Accidentally and then for reals.

At the end of finals week, he drove me up to the airport then sent me off with a kiss on the forehead.
On my flight home to California, I thought to myself:

"Ohhhhhhh crap.

 What am I getting myself into."

<3 Bri


Halie Renee said...

I am obsessed with these little love stories. So stinking cute!!

Katia said...

You guys are the cutestttttttttt. I've probably said it a hundred times before and I'll gladly say it again !!


Bree said...

Bahaha that is so awesome! :))

I said it first too. Well... kinda. Yea. I did. We were at Macaroni Grill and you know how they have the paper tablecloth so you can draw on it with crayons? Yeah, I wrote "I love you," and then he said "I Love You Too!" SCARIEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!! Omw. Seriously. lol


Nikole said...

Haha, that is so awesome. It's so you!

Courtney said...

I said "I Love You" first too =)

Niken said...

haha, as cocky as it is, i love to hear it! can't wait for the next part

Hannah said...

i was the first one to accidentally say i love to my now husband, too. it was really funny. i still laugh when i think about it. :)

this was a cute story. by the way, the clay-mation rudoplh is prob my favorite Christmas movie. :)

Unknown said...

Enjoyed checking out your blog! New follower~ hope to get a follow back.

Ashley said...

this is the cutest little love story ever! just stumbled across your blog and i have adored reading! xx

Allie said...

you guys are REALLY cute!! i dream of this kind of love story :)

Anonymous said...

Cute but seems a little "edited" to make it sound like the perfect love story. And I'm sorry but he isn't a ladys man and you are not a "fox"...Sorry just stating the OBVI...

Lia B said...

Just found your blog and I think it's an adorable story. It's YOUR story and that's all that matters.