Breezy Days: How To Meet A Blogger In Real Life {Without it Being Awkward}


November 29, 2012

How To Meet A Blogger In Real Life {Without it Being Awkward}

{Awkward Girls Blogger Meet-up in March 2012}

You read this girl's blog.
You think she is just stellar. 
Awesome. Sweet. Stylish. Legit.
{This elusive "girl/her/she" is your favorite blogger}

You are out on the town or at a blogger meet-up...when you see her.
You know what she wore to Thanksgiving dinner last week, you know she ate sushi yesterday...
You feel like you just know her.
But not really.
Cause you have never talked to her in person.

You approach her and say:
"Hi my name is ____, and I just LOVE your blog! So nice to meet you."

And this is where the fork in the road happens.
You must have your wits about you.
Pay attention.
{Gentri Lee's Blogger Meet-up in November 2012}

The girl can either be way fun and sweet, just like you imagined her to be.
She can be the snotty "I have a bazillion followers and who the heck are you" type. do you make it not awkward?

If she is nice, then go ahead and mention something from her blog 
that you enjoy, then base a conversation off of that.
A real life conversation where you go back and forth and actually get to know the girl.
This way, you can start to form a friendship that doesn't revolve completely around blogging.
Please do not ramble on about every little thing you've ever read on her blog.
It's really creepy, and even though we choose to publicly write about our lives on the internet... 
it is still weird when someone recites your whole life back to you.
{I met Kyla through blogging and now we are good friends!!!}

If she is snotty, keep it short and simple.
If you start with the opening line and she is being uber weird/snotty/rude
then just say something to this effect:
"Well, I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog, I hope you have a nice day!"
Just leave it at that.

Another niche that is not the extreme of being nice or snotty...
 is the awkward blogger who is sweet, but doesn't know how to be social without being
....well, awkward.
Those girls you should definitely put your social self out for.
They need to know that the blogging community is a supportive & loving one :)

What do you think are some good pointers to meeting bloggers in real life?


Bethany Grow said...

oh jeez i just know i would be the awkward girl if i went to a blogger meet-up. sure i can talk and tell you my life story on my blog, but having a conversation about the things i write.. OH NO!
these tips are good to know. and thanks for reminding everyone to be good to the awkward girl, just in case they ever meet me... hehe

San said...

I know people can be awkward IRL, but I am always taken aback when someone who comes off as nice and sweet online totally blows you off when you meet them.... I am really hoping I am not coming off that way to the people I meet from the Internet ;)

K_Jansen said...

I really like this, Bri! I've only met one or two fellow bloggers....although I'd love to meet many more! I need to come up that way for a blogger meet up! :)

The Mrs. and The Momma

Katia said...

I just met my first blogger (Carly from Miss Teacups!) a few weekends ago in real life - it was brief cuz it was at a concert but it was sweet! Honestly my best tip would be to just be yourself. Why try to be friends with someone differently than you would with the friends you already have? :) Great post!
Makes me want to go to a blogger meet up :( !

Torrie said...

I haven't met any other bloggers yet--I think it would be fun, but I would probably want to start out with a bigger group bash, like in some of these photos. That, and I am probably "that awkward blogger," so I don't want to freak other people out, lol.

Autumn @ Autumn All Along said...

Probably the best advice I have read about meet-ups! :)