Breezy Days: I'm Just Gonna Lay It Out There


November 19, 2012

I'm Just Gonna Lay It Out There

I'm gonna to be pretty candid right now, and seeing as how it's my blog...
I'll allow it.

I will admit that there are those days
when I want to punch someone's crying baby in the face while at Winco due to my lack of sleep,
or when I want to curl up in a ball to eat Kit Kats while watching Nashville all day,
or days when I get frustrated with the husband and roam around Target for hours on end
 and only come home with milk and random Christmas decorations.

I'm one of those people who laughs when I'm nervous or in an awkward situation.
Car wreck 2 years ago?
I got out of the car laughing about how my diet coke flew all over the car and onto my new phone.
Skin cancer surgery a year ago?
I told little kids that the scar on my arm was because of a bite from a rabid raccoon.
Or that I was mauled in the ocean by a shark because I didn't listen to my mom.

Itso-facto, I'm not perfect.
Which is fine, because isn't that what makes life interesting? 

I want to start writing more about everyday life being my everyday self.
Seeing as how my blog is called Breezy DAYS, then I should probably write more
about the weirdness of life along with all the fun & fluffy.

There you go readers, this is the "real/day to day" me.
I lie to little children for my own personal enjoyment.


Chelsea Hickman said...

You are so amazing, Bri. Really and truly. :)

Courtney said...

You are so photogenic! I just love all of your pictures!

I love that you go to Target if you're frustrated with your hubby - that is totally what I would do! Haha

Kallee Mae said...

Love this post! We all how our days, but at least we can move on and move forward!

KevinKyla Ford said...

I totally love this! If you need someone to eat kit kats with or to wander around Target for hours with... CALL ME! xoxo. LOVE YOU! (PS. I am keeping Hunter away from you if we ever go to WINCO together when your sleepy! haha)

Rachel Sayumi said...

ayyymen sista! I love that you changed up your blog, so fun. PS Thank you so much for changing my button without me even asking!! you're a doll!

brios0928 said...

Thanks!!! And of course, I'm loving your new blog design and buttons. Too cute :D

brios0928 said...

I would never punch Hunter!! He is the cutest lil baby ever, no need for punching here. And YES, I will call you :D I love me some Target!!

brios0928 said...

You are too sweet Chelsea, thank you!! :)

brios0928 said...

Thanks Kailee! It's nice to laugh about it then move on to better days :)