Breezy Days: Chivalry IS Dead, I See


January 9, 2013

Chivalry IS Dead, I See

Yesterday afternoon, I rush to get ready 
seeing as how I have a class at 2pm and I'm definitely going to be late to it.

Ryan drops me off at school and I rush up to the Communication building on campus.
I'm 10 minutes late. Crap.
I find the classroom, open the door and bump into some people on the floor,
there were so many people crammed into the classroom trying to add the course,
that there were extra students sitting on the floor.

The guy next to me takes the liberty to fill me in on what I had missed,
when I see out of the corner of my eye, some guy smirking at me from the front row.

Turns out that it's my best friend Grant!
I smile and discreetly wave to him, then proceed to pull out my laptop and take notes.
20 minutes into class I notice that Grant is putting on his jacket.
Why is he doing that? It's not even cold in here!
Then he puts his belongings away in his backpack.
Graaaaaant. Did you know there is still an hour left in class?

He gets up out of his seat and walks over to me saying, quietly:
"Go over there and you take my seat"

The whole class is watching, the teacher stops lecturing for a bit while I gather my things to go sit smack in front of the classroom in a chair.

The old teacher then says:
"Well I guess chivalry isn't dead!"

I take my seat at the front, beaming with my uncanny ability to find just the bestest friends in the world...
when I notice all the guys around me are looking at one another.
They are all sneakily surveying the class, waiting to see who the next guy will be to give up their seat for the other 2 girls sitting on the ground. 

I was appalled to say the least.
{Grant & I circa 2010, before he left for his LDS mission}

No one in the class knew that Grant was my best friend.
So, for all they know it was a complete stranger giving up their seat for a girl on the ground.

This is BYU for pete's sake and NOT ONE GUY got up off of their fancy behinds to give up their seat for one of the young ladies sitting on the ground.
Even after one guy had already paved the way and given up his seat for me.

That's pretty much all I can spit out.

Is chivalry and common courtesy totally dead?
Is it considered "weak" if a guy gives up his seat, holds a door open for a girl,
 or speaks to her with kindness and respect?

What do you all think about this?
Comment discussion!


Andi said...

I have noticed the same things! I will say (in defense of the good guys), that I have seen women kind of lash out at guys when they try to be polite. I think some guys are afraid if they offer to hold the door open, women might be offended.

I'm glad that your friend at least is still chivalrous!

Kirstie and Michael said...

Before I got married I never dated one guy who did anything like that. Sure they would pay for dates, but never open my doors or pull out my chair or anything of the sorts. When I started dating my husband I was shocked! I wasn't allowed to get out of the car without him opening the door, He always pulled my chair out and if there was only one chair left He would always make sure I got it. I had no idea how to react to this sudden kindness from a boyfriend. It makes me feel so special and I am sometimes get sad when I don't see other grown men do the same for their wives.

Jess said...

I am always so weirded out when guys don't act like real men toward women, because all of my close guy friends (and boyfriend...duh) have always been chivalrous. ALWAYS. It's such an eye opener to be somewhere by myself and see how other men treat's pathetic, really.

Good for you friend for being a true gentleman :) RESPECT!


Halie Renee said...

Chivalry is actually one of the things I value the most. Before I started dating my boyfriend, I was constantly on the lookout for a guy who could display such courtesy! Then I met my boyfriend, and he was amazing and so super chivalrous to me. Opening doors, everywhere. Always allowing me to go first. I found out like six months into our relationship that he had made a promise to himself that he would always do that for me. Now, a year and a half into our relationship, I've probably only opened my own car door about 6 times... and it just makes me feel so special.

However, there are definitely jerk-bags out there who couldn't care less! I still get offended if a stranger lets a door slam in my face at a restaurant or store. I mean really? Is it that hard for you to hold the door when you see I'm like two steps behind you??

Courtney said...

Chivalry is totally dead unfortunately, except for the few good men that are still out there ;) I wish more guys took it seriously! I think there's some negative stigma around it that they're not cool if they treat a lady right - psh, that is so not true!!

Kristal said...

How am I just now finding your blog? You guys are so cute and I love the design. Newest follower.

Liv said...

Chivalry is dead because women now wear pants to church!

Just kidding.


Kristin said...

Wow! Sounds like you've got a keeper there in your friend who gave up his seat, but you're was quite sad that nobody else gave theirs up - especially after a blatant example.~

Megan, said...

Xo Megan,

Unknown said...

What a cute story!

Unknown said...

every once in a while a guy will surprise me. great story :) love that

Janette said...

WHATTT?? No one stood up? That's wild! What a good friend you have!

Janette Lane Blog

PS. I changed my blog name and URL, please refollow if you get the chance. Thanks!

Ashley Eliza said...

this story makes me SO happy.. some guys these days really just disappoint me. glad to see him being a great example to those peers. love your cute blog. ps we should play sometime :)