Breezy Days: Home


September 1, 2013


Blogging hiatus much? It's been one jam-packed week I can tell ya that! While Ryan was at work I got some help from my brother Jesse in packing up our entire Corona, CA apartment. After the mass cleaning & packing, I was mentally and physically exhausted. 

We hit the road soon after packing up in CA, Ryan was driving his car while my mom was keeping me company in mine. He got ahead of us on the road {cause I'm a slow-poke & refuse to use cruise control} and we told him to keep going towards Provo without us...then we hit a major roadblock. My poor 'lil Jetta overheated and got us stuck in Las Vegas {4 hours away from CA & 6 hours away from Provo}. After spending the night in a very well-air conditioned Comfort Inn {with SYTYCD on, score!} we thought the car would be done the next morning, but quickly found out that it would take a few more days to fix because the engine had blown. We decided to leave Lucille in Vegas, we felt confident and safe in leaving her there to be fixed and went on the search for a rental. After cajoling with a couple different rental car companies, we finally tracked down an available one and unloaded pretty much everything but the kitchen sink from my Jetta to the rental car...then bounced.

Ummmm, ya...just recounting the story gives me anxiety! Due to stress, frustration, exhaustion, or a combination of the above, all I wanted to do was punt a skunk. After calming down, we discovered that Lucille's damage happened at the most perfect time. My parents would be able to pick up my car and drop it off to me next weekend when they will be on their way to a wedding here in Utah. Hooray!!

We made our way the last 6 hours and hit the ground running. Unloading, re-organizing, grocery shopping, laundry, lawn care, school scheduling, re-installing internet, cleaning, decorating, and more. Our lawn is beautifully green {it better after stupid lawn-gate}, our house is inviting, we finally have an entire kitchen at our disposal {after living with one pot and one pan the entire summer}, our king size bed is divine, and it all feels so familiar and safe. Now I can take a biiiggggg deep breath and relax,  and see just how blessed my life is. Now on to school! BRING IT.


Kirst Semler said...

That sounds like a boat load of fun... I'm glad you got home safe and sound!

Bree said...

Oh my gosh. Worst trip home ever. But I am soooo glad you are back, and I hope that you're having an awesome day! :)

Love the new blog look btw!


kriste said...

Ok. So...what does it mean to "punt a skunk"? LOL! Welcome to Social Fabric!