Breezy Days: A Tip for Packing


November 20, 2012

A Tip for Packing

This past weekend Ryan & I made the trek down to So-Cal to:
+attend the USC v. UCLA football game cause I bought Ryan tickets to the game for his birthday 
{best wife award anyone?}
+be there for my brother's mission call
+hang with family
+and enjoy the amazing weather
Well, our trip didn't go as smoothly as hoped, but I'll save that long ace story for tomorrow.
I just wanted to pass along a good piece of advice I've heard in regards to packing.

Keep everything in the same color scheme.

The first time I heard it I was bummed I didn't think of that earlier.
It makes so much dang sense!!!

So this weekend I packed up my:
+2 sweaters, orange and cream Loft cardigans
+1 pair of Seven jeans
+2 pairs of shoes, cognac steve madden sandals & cognac boots
+2 dresses with orange, cream, and gray patterns
+2 tops, one navy and the other orange
+2 belts, gold glitter and brown leather
+1 chunky necklace & 1 pair of gold flower studs
{navy top, jeans, sandals, chunky necklace combo}

Obviously this tip doesn't help me from overpacking, but it helps in creating better outfits!
I'll post the next outfit from the trip soon! 

P.S. Are you liking the new blog design? I've been working hard on it, HTML is hard stuff!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Lovig that top girl :)
And I packed this way when I went to NC last week...makes SUCH a difference!
Good job on the new blog design, too! GET IT!


Halie said...

I'm loving the new design! And I'm loving it more now that I know you did the HTML yourself! That's something I've been toying around with about learning myself. I'd like to know more about it, it just seems like such a daunting task!

Kallee Mae said...

What a fun trip! And perfect packing tips! You look so cute!

El Guthrie Bodily said...

Well aren't you just a happy little camper NOT in the frozen tundra of Utah! I want warmth :( Take me with you next time

Courtney said...

You are just adorable!

I love the polka dot "follower" and "sponsor" buttons!