Breezy Days: Hey, High School Self


December 17, 2013

Hey, High School Self

If I showed this outfit to my high school self and told her this is what she would be dressing like her senior year of college, she would laugh right in my face. Fur? Colored pants? Short boots?! Then if I went on to tell her that I not only wear these "crazy" things, but I post pictures on the internet for everyone to see them? Ya...she would bust a gut and call me a fruitcake.

I remember owning a pair of forest green skinnies from Forever 21 in high school, but only wore them on 80's day with my mom's watermelon earrings because I was too scared to wear them on a regular school day. Now I'm cursing myself for ever giving those away, they would have looked perfect with my furry snow boots!!

{Remixed: Coat // Scarf // Pants}

It's funny to see how my style has not only matured but gotten more bold and unforgiving with time. Even just a year and a half ago I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing lipstick or booties, and now I have a bazillion shades & at least 4 pairs! Today I wouldn't be caught dead wearing harem pants...but who knows in a few years??


Unknown said...

Hahahah Bri I love this post!!! Omg, I need to do a post like this. :D Actually I need to start taking pics of myself.. I shoulda put a tripod on my Christmas list. :) Love that scarf! And I think you look gorgeous.

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

i. love. the. FUR! and ya i wore who freakin knows what in high school. Good times

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I bought a few pair of colored skinny jeans back in 2009. I had well already graduated college, but I never wore them. I didn't want people to thank I was channeling some 80s diva. I mean one pair of mine was bright green. I wore them when they were cool years later, because I never got rid of them. I secretly knew I was way ahead of the curve.

I wore a jacket with a fake fur color and loved it. It was sort of expensive at the time.. I mean I guess for a sophomore in high school. Someone said that I looked like a polar bear and I never wore it since. :-(

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

^^i meant who knows what i wore in high school, lol

Unknown said...

Love that sweater!!

DreamNT said...

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