Breezy Days: Discount Diva


January 27, 2014

Discount Diva

This is what I wore yesterday for church, and it is practically BEGGING spring to show up. I did some color blocking with the orange sweater against the hot pink top of the dress. Pretty snazzy, huh? So, the other day I had my blogger friend Bree text me asking about a particular pair of black boots I had worn in a post. She asked why my links at the bottom don't lead to the product...but instead to other posts where I've worn it? Let me explain my frens'.

I'm a huge bargain fashionista. Meaning that I will wait patiently until a good quality product goes on mega sale before purchasing. Either that, or I don't mind getting the knock off version as long as it's still good quality. This cupcake necklace was $15 off of, and it's a total J.Crew knock-off. These heels? $25 on Just Fab...a knock-off of the popular Steve Madden bow pumps. Who the heck would have known though? Or cared that much to point it out?!

{Remixed: Necklace // Shoes // Dress}

I never pick up anything Steve Madden unless it's on sale...and this purse was $30 at Ross. This is why I don't post links to the products, it's because by the time I post the outfit in where I sport my new discounted piece, the product is already gone! Although, I'll work on warning you all via Instagram and Twitter when there are fabulous deals to be had, deal? Deal :)


Bree said...

Or text or call me yelling "BREE! Get on the computer! haha" :D Love this outfit!

Teaka said...

A much needed burst of colour for these blah January days. I can't wait for spring either however we're a bit more confine to sweater and tights up here in Canada!
Love this outfit!

KP said...

Loving your nails and necklace!

xoxo, Kp
Eleventh & Sixteenth

bashashhazbaz said...

that is such a cute outfit! i love it when i see ladies spruce up the wintertime "blahs" with fun outfits like this! :)

Kirst Semler said...

Your outfit is so great!I am really loving floral right now so I 'm a huge fan:)

Natalie said...

that skirt = swoon

gabrielle said...

really cute ensemble! love the floral w/leopard. so unique!


Unknown said...

nice collection. Thanks your sharing Texas Divas Boutique