Breezy Days: White Jeans


February 20, 2012

White Jeans

Is March considered a Winter or Spring month?
I never can tell with those tricky 'lil in between months.

If you are a follower here, you know I have a new penchant for colored jeans.
Well, I swear I will buy white jeans as soon as freaking possible after looking at these Anthro outfits.
Found these inspiration bites on the Anthropologie Facebook fan page.
 Boho- I'm really loving how casual chic this ensemble is. Plus it would be mega easy to recreate with the neutrals I already have in my closet!
Preppy- Personally, I'm a little 'eh' about the shoes. But I love how the bright yellow blouse screams SPRINGGGGGG!
Loving the low-key/easy-going feel of this outfit. Maybe instead of those flat platform shoe thing we pair this up with some awesome cobalt blue platforms?
This look says: "I'm low-key, loving life, and have a legit sense of casual style".
Anddd I seriously need that ring right now.
This looks kind of African inspired. I'm really digging the colors that balance out the classic black and white.

Have fun spring shopping! 

<3 Bri


Bree said...

oh how cute are those oufits :) Love them! Can't wait until spring is here!

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

I've missed my white pants and I cannot wait to bring em back out again :D

Melu103 said...

do yo have an idea how bad i want white jeans .... really bad lol

i am on my way of losing weight
and i will soon rock those jeans ♥

love the outfits you created!


Unknown said...

i love colored jeans! i want yellow and white for spring! is it too soon to start wearing them? i need some color in my life... the rain and grey skies are such a downer :(

Anonymous said...

I think you mean penchant and not pension.

Unknown said...

I've been wearing my hot pink and red jeans and am dying for the yellow ones too! Me too too! I need to be fit for summer!

And thanks anonymous, that's what happens when I write posts at one in the morning :/ haha

Jenny said...

I love white jeans, but I can't manage to keep them clean for longer than 5 minutes...that's the problem with being a mom I guess, lol. But I love all these outfit ideas!
Modern Modest Beauty

Unknown said...

I wish I could wear white jeans...I really love that tote and the yellow flats! -Jessica


Anonymous said...
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