Breezy Days: Just Another California Trip


March 2, 2013

Just Another California Trip

This past weekend we ventured down to sunny Southern California to visit the family and to attend my brother's mission farewell during church.
Ryan spoke during the meeting & I sang a song titled "His Hands". 
It was such a heart warming & touching sacrament meeting :)
This Wednesday (March 6th), he goes into the MTC, it still hasn't hit me yet that it's actually here.
Seeing as how Evan will not be eating a lot of sushi in Mexico on his mission, we made it a point to hit up some sushi time together.
No matter how many times I tell myself:
"Hey self, how about you not stuff yourself 'till the point of a stomachache again?"
I still manage to complete obliterate the sushi set in front of me.
It's a love hate relationship here.
I don't care what anyone says, Pinkberry will always have my heart.
None of this Swirl or Yogurtland nonsense!
Lastly, with the little time we had in CA last weekend I managed to have some awesome mother/daughter time at Home Depot looking for flowers and Home Goods looking for fun home stuff.
My fam is coming up our way to Provo this next week to drop Evan off at the MTC.
Sooo if you run into me next Wednesday my face may be puffy from all the happy tears I'll be crying.


nicole s. said...

we are getting 13 pinkberries in austin and i am ECSTATIC. i've never had it before, but i've read about it on blogs for years and i will most definitely become a regular customer at one or two locations.
xo nicole

Rachel Sayumi Porter said...

freakin' love soosh!! Justin and I had some friday night! and you're so right, your bro will NOT have (good) sushi for a looong time haha!! can't believe he's entering the MTC so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I 100% agree about pinkberry! They need to open one up here in Utah!!