Breezy Days: A Prolonged Valentines


February 18, 2013

A Prolonged Valentines

Obviously I have no shame.
I know when I do good and I have noooo problem shoutin' it from the rooftops.
Or the blog for that matter.

My present got lost in the mail and won't be here till Tuesday, but who really cares you know?
It just means the Valentine's will be prolonged for another few days!
After our Outback date on Friday night, we lazily woke up Saturday morning and got ready for the movie theater. I was dying to watch the new & improved romantic movie for Valentines...Safe Haven.
Ryan said it was pretty much the same as The Vow from last year, but it's been re-named to make more moolah. PSH. Who cares, it's romantic!

Anddd what's cooler is that I met a blog reader in the bathroom at the movie theater.
If you're reading this, hi Natalie! It was so nice to meet you :)

We devoured some Zupas then I headed off to work for the night.
Not a very exciting weekend but it was nice to take a quick break before delving into the hectic school week. Now I'm looking forward to California for this upcoming weekend, so stoked to see the fam!
{A V-day snail mail present from the bff Sam in CA}

Welp, off to another hectic school week.
When will this semester be over?!

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Chandra said...

Cute photos! What part of California are you from? How often do you get to visit? I'm a California girl; after getting married in September I made the move four hours away from my hometown (Delano...about 30 minutes north of Bakersfield) to San Jose.

More Modern Modesty

Natalie said...

so nice to meet you bri! thanks for the shout out. hope the valentines week keeps on giving...

Anonymous said...

This should have said you're the cutest wife because heck you 2 are adorable. I want to see Safe Haven too, my husband said the same thing. That its cheesy haha But i'll probably drag him to it one of these days! ;)

Courtney said...

I just saw Safe Haven last night - I am such a mush! I loved it! But then again, I love anything Nicholas Sparks!