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November 6, 2011

Giveaway: Breezy Days

Go to the right sidebar and click on the "Breezy Days Shop" pink button. Take a look around and pick what you would like. If there is something there you like, but not in the color you want. I'll do a custom make :)

Follower of Breezy Days Blog, wayy easy, just click the "Join This Site" button!
Write a comment on this post with the name of your favorite item
You have till next Sunday {11/13} to enter!
{Breezy Days Items} Some of the favs

{Nestled Birdie Eggs}
 {Eddie the Elephant Zipping Around}
{Turquoise Dream}
{The Earth}
{A Garden Around Your Neck}
{Go With Me to the Diner For a Coke?}
{Modern-Day Pocahontas}
{Shabby Chic Burlap}
Pick something that is your style and enter!!!

<3 Bri


Hayley said...

Eddie the Elephant Zipping around is absolutly adorbable!! That one is my favorite item :) These are adorable!


Dawn said...

Following your blog! My favorite is the Nestled Birdie Eggs Necklace. I'm a sucker for gold jewelry!

hannahstiff said...

Bri, I LOVE Eddie the Elephant and a garden around your neck! So creative:) XO

Unknown said...

I love Eddie the Elephant Zipping Around too!!! Love it so much!!!!


Lisa Bevell said...

Hi Brianna! Cute Stuff! I like the world ring! Take Care!

Crazy for fashion said...

OMG! I just discover your blog and I find these great giveaway! I am following you of course and would love to enter.

Unknown said...

Hey girl hey. You are so freaking talented! Wow! I am a huge fan of the Nestled Birdie Eggs necklace...So awesome. :)

Unknown said...

Bri baby! My gosh shut up everything is just so adorable you are my most beautiful, talented, wonderful bestest friend!!! and hello im entering!! eddie the elephant or ze earings. i love you!!