Breezy Days: Blue Eyes


January 5, 2012

Blue Eyes

Hola amigos {and new amigos}!
Guess what. Almost the weekend!!! Can't wait :)
Just wanted to share some thoughts that strayed my mind today.

Half-way through the day I was a skunk and got in a little tiff with Ryan and stomped off to class.

People would smile at me as I walked by and as a common courtesy I would do the closed-lip smile back.
Which, not gonna lie, doesn't really work for me.

Even the photographer taking my high school senior pics asked me to do one of those serious face pictures.
He looked at the picture. 
And then proceeded to tell me not to do it again cause I looked pissed.
Case & point!
Going to my first Interior Design class {which goes towards my major!}, made me feel a little better.
In the midst of talking to the people that were sitting nearby, I went to smile, then I held it back or put my hand over my mouth.

Wow. I'm one of those people now?!
Writing this down makes it a tad more realistic and makes me sad.

Because one of my favorite assets is my smile.
I even won Best Smile in middle school and high school.
{Not to sound cocky, but I am proud of it ;)}
I just love to smile and laugh.
After class I headed on over to Smiths {grocery store}, perused through the magazines, and bought some trash bags that were much needed in our kitchen. 
I was done checking out and was about to walk out of the store, when I hesitated and my gaze was distracted by all the beautiful bouquets of flowers.

Have I told you guys that I love to arrange flowers?
I was even ready to apply to the Lake Elsinore Flower Shop before I knew I was accepted to BYU for summer term. I've taken classes at JoAnn's with my mom and have done many arrangements for my high school dances. 

I don't know what it is.
If it's the smell, the colors, or just the calm feeling that comes over me when I am making an arrangement and being creative. It is just intoxicating. 

Even my freshmen year of college, when I was feeling down, I would drive over to Smith's and buy myself a bouquet of flowers.
 People would always ask who they were for.
Welp, they are for me.
Insert awkward look from the other person...uhhhh.
So you know what I did today?
I beelined towards the flowers and walked right back to the cash register and bought them.
For myself.
Then walked out of the store and smiled the whole way out.

Next I went to 7-11 to get some hot chocolate as a peace offering for my husby, when the cashier 
{a guy} complimented me on how cool my gator ring was. 
I smiled back real big and said 
"Thank you! It bites :)"
You know what, I have to stop being embarrassed and enjoy the journey.

My braces already draw enough attention, why not put on a bright blue comfy sweater and matching winged liner? I'm gonna freaking OWN it.
The braces aren't gonna be on forever. Might as well enjoy looking like a 15-year old for the time being ;)
Sweater: Christmas gift from Sam :). Top: OP from Wal-Mart. Pants: American Eagle. Shoes: H&M. Belt: Forever 21. Gator Ring: Payless. Necklace: LA Fashion District. 

Own your nerdy tendencies
Your dorky hobbies.

Plus it never hurts to buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers.

<3 Bri


Ashley said...

i find it adorable that you bought yourself flowers haha. im definitely going to try that for myself next time i need it. & i love even more that they are sitting in that anthro vase :)

Melu103 said...

hey new amiga :)
i am following now!
and i also i grabbed your
button and it's already on
my blog :D .. mines are on my
right column in my blog .. if
you need another size let me know!

Melina ♥

Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog, it was really nice of you! Your blog is so cute by the way.

Also, I'm loving your outfit. The blue color is such a great pop! Your alligator ring is amazing! It really does bite haha How heavy is it though?

Also, I think it's awesome you bought yourself flowers. It's nice to know that flowers aren't just to give and also they aren't just for special occasions.

I'm glad they made you feel better! (:


Unknown said...

Mmmmmm i LOVE the accessories. And I love that shade of blue on you. AMAZING with your blond hair :)

Kayleigh said...

shoot, rock those braces! when you look as good as you do, no one will notice. seriously. that blue! fan. tastic.

Unknown said...

Studies have shown that a bouquet of flowers that costs 5 bucks gives you more of a happy disposition and for longer than a 50 dollar piece of jewelry. Crazy huh!? The alligator ring actually isn't that heavy at all, I've never really been into gaudy rings but my mom convinced me to get it! That anthro vase was used in my wedding, I loooove that thing! And blue is my favorite color, my bff Sam said she got it for me to match my eyes :) Thanks for all sharing thoughts!